Dog Bowls and Drinkers

You might be thinking to yourself, “Surely all dog bowls are the same right? Just like how a plate is a plate?” Well, we’re here to inform you that’s definitely not the case with dog bowls and drinkers coming in many shapes and sizes. It’s also worth noting the importance when it comes to choosing the right ones for your dog.

Before going into the different materials dog bowls come in, it’s important to consider the different features they can offer and what exactly might be best suited for your furry friend.

If you happen to have a dog with longer ears, then a dog bowl or drinker with a specific design such as a narrower top is a wise choice. The design of a long-eared dog bowl stops their ears from getting into the food, preventing mess and more importantly potential ear infections from occurring.

It’s often a point overlooked, but raising your dog’s bowl and drinker can offer a number of benefits to your buddy. Raised dog bowls are an excellent choice for breeds with long drooping ears, the added height effective at reducing the likelihood they’ll fall into their food or water. They’re also ideal for dogs with shorter snouts who might need to bend lower to reach the bowl as well as older dogs. Rather than the dog bending toward the food, bring their bowls to them. It promotes better digestion and promotes stronger posture.

There are even dog bowls designed in such a way that it can slow their eating down. These will often include smaller sections and walls within the bowl – some even sporting an eye-catching pattern such as a spiral, honeycomb or donut shape – that keep your dog from eating far too quickly. Why is this important? Dogs that eat quickly are more prone to digestion troubles, stomach pains and even vomiting so slowing them down will create a more relaxing feeding experience.

Stainless steel dog bowls and drinkers are particularly long-lasting being able to withstand all sorts of knocks and bumps from the most clumsy and excitable of dogs. They’re also hygienic due to the fact they’re very easy to clean making it tough for any bacteria to stick around and build up.

Plastic bowls and drinkers are a cheaper alternative, but have a lot of positive qualities too. Like stainless steel, they’re easy to clean while the material itself is nice and light. Rubber bottoms will also prevent larger dogs from pushing and sliding their bowl around the floor. Of course, a big bonus using plastic is the range of colours and designs available to you with plenty of funky dog bowls out there.

Ceramics – much like the wicker dog beds – have a true classic and timeless look about them not to mention a good weight meaning the bowl is less prone to moving while the dog eats. You’ll also find attractive designs on their front or perhaps a spot to put your dog’s name.
It’s important your dog has the best suited dog bowls and drinkers when it comes to dinner time or quenching their thirst and our wide range will make sure you find the perfect combo.

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