Dog Calming

Just like humans, dogs too can suffer from the likes of anxiety and fear. It’s never nice to see your dog bunkering away from the sounds of fireworks exploding through the night, thunderous weather or because a new unfamiliar visitor is in your house, and it’s even worse feeling like you aren’t able to help them. Thankfully there are dog calming aids able to help ease and calm your pet with a wide range of products out there.

Calming Tablets for dogs are a great starting point since they suit any dog regardless of their temperament and personality. Unlike methods that involve special collars or comfort cuddlers which some dogs may have not be so keen on, a chewable tablet is a much easier and more reliable option. They support relaxation in your dog with tablets containing the sorts of ingredients that have also proven effective with humans. Ginger for example can help settle their stomach while chamomile aids in relaxing and therefore getting a better night’s sleep.

Calming collars are simple and safe to use, affective for several weeks whilst around the neck of the dog. While they use different scents in order to calm the dog down, they also include pheromones, a chemical that has been proven to have the same desired affect too. The fact you can leave the collar on your dog for extended periods of time (although you should take them off when giving them a bath) makes it a rather convenient method that can help both in the home and outside in busy parts of town.

In very much the same way we use essential oils to help encourage a range of emotions in ourselves – from wanting to be calmer or more energetic or generally more alert – we can use oils to aid in a dog’s anxiety. Essential oils for dogs come in many different scents and can even be administered in different ways.

Lavender, as we all know, is a great scent if you’re after something soothing and comforting and the same applies for dogs too. Not only that but it can help with car sickness. Peppermint meanwhile is a good choice for dogs that may be suffering from allergies, the scent supporting respiratory systems and aiding in cleared breathing.

There are two ways in which to administer essential oils for dogs. The first is to apply them topically although it’s important to note, you should never directly apply essential oils. Carrier oils will help dilute the solution down preventing the risk of irritation to skin and sickness. As well as topical treatments, you can also use a diffuser, again making sure to mix drops of the essential oil with water and also keep the device out of reach of your dog. These spread throughout the environment and better still allow you to enjoy their scents too.

Most of us know very well how horrible it can be experiencing high levels of anxiety so try to imagine from a dog’s viewpoint and what they might go through when it’s something they don’t understand that’s causing these feelings like loud firework explosions. It’s important that we do all we can to make sure our dogs are calm and comfortable during stressful and anxiety-inducing moments and dog calming aids are a great way of helping with that.

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