Dog Crates

Are you thinking of welcoming a puppy to your family? Are you taking in a rescue? Is your dog nervous or anxious? Perhaps you should consider purchasing a dog crate? These dog boxes are an essential addition to your home, providing your dog with a ‘safe place’ and to help with training. Your dog crate allows your dog to settle, have their own space, prevents destructive behaviour when they are home alone alongside promoting relaxed behaviour.

A dog crate is an excellent training tool when you welcome a new dog into your household. It is recommended that puppies are crate trained from a young age, they do not like soiling where they sleep so it supports them in gaining control of their bowel and bladder. Wild dogs dwell in dens and your dog crate is a substitute for this, providing them a safe, secure and sheltered haven thereby reducing anxiety. Dog crates are also good for older dogs with conditions such as arthritis that prevents them jumping onto sofas and beds. Stepping into their dog crate, with one of our luxury dog mattresses inside will allow your dog to be comfortable, warm and is conducive to rest. A further use for a dog crate or dog box is transportation, be it to the vet or away on holiday. Referred to as a dog boot cage they are designed to fit in the boot or back of your car. The travelling dog boot cage keeps your dog safe whilst allowing the dog to lie down and be comfortable.

You need to consider where to place your dog crate. It must be out of drafts and not put against radiators or near fires. The family room or kitchen is an ideal place for your dog crate. If you have concerns about your puppy at night, or your dog has had an operation, then place the crate beside your bed to reassure your dog that they are close to you. Our good quality dog crates UK are sturdy and come in a wide range of sizes to suit your dog’s needs. Your dog crate must be large enough for your dog to stretch out, stand, and turn around. If you have a large breed of dog be prepared to upgrade your dog crate from their puppy dog crate to an adult sized dog crate.

Our dog crates UK come in a range of materials including fabric, plastic and wire. From the simple and practical to the luxurious designer dog crates we have a dog crate or dog box suitable for your dog. All our crates come with a removable and cleanable base tray and on top of this you can add one of our designer dog beds or luxury mattresses.

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