Dog Football Shirts

Picture it. You’re sat on your comfy sofa with beer in hand, and your large 60-inch television showing your team in all their glory playing their hearts out in the big game. Your team’s colours are displayed all over your room. That beer in your hand we mentioned has a rather fetching cooling sleeve with your team’s logo on whilst that sofa you’re sat on is sporting a beautiful throw again with that very same logo. Then of course you’re wearing your team’s shirt proudly and confidently. Your dog meanwhile marks the only element in that room not showing team spirit. How can we change that?
By getting your dog involved in the fun that’s how with dog football kits.
Dog football shirts used to be a fairly rare and uncommon item to purchase for your dog but now the range on offer means practically every team has its own doggy version of their kit. In fact, it’s not just football that you’ll find dog shirts with leagues like the NFL, NBA and MBL all seeing their teams represented in fantastic fully licensed dog shirts.
It’s the perfect gift not just for the dog but for any sports fan out there who simply wants to get their pooch involved in showing team spirit for their favourite team. Of course, if you’re buying for your own dog you’ll want to go with your supported team, however dog football kits also make great gifts for a friend or neighbour’s furry friend. And while you can surprise them with a shirt in support of their team, it can prove just as entertaining to perhaps pick them up a rival team’s shirt too. Imagine the look on their face when they see their four-legged friend strutting into a room with the last thing they’d want to see.
If you want to take things a step further, then why not personalise your football shirt as well. Choose the number of your favourite player or maybe even a number unrelated to the sport that has some sort of meaning to you like your dog’s birthday. You can even get names printed on the back which again can be your favourite player, your dog’s name or perhaps a funny nickname.
Of course, your dog’s comfort and safety should always be a top priority and dog football shirts are designed in such a way that your canine pal won’t ever be at risk. Materials are soft and comfortable meaning your dog won’t be desperately trying to take it off. Getting dog football kits on is also a hassle-free process, many shirts sporting adjustable Velcro so whether you’re slipping it on or off, your dog will feel safe and calm. You’ll also find a range of sizes too so whether you’re looking for something for a smaller breed or much larger dog, you’ll be covered.
Dog football shirts are a fun and delightful treat for your dog (not to mention yourself), letting them show off his or her team pride in style. In a range of sizes and teams, prepare your pooch for the next big game.