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Choosing the Best Dog Stairs for your Pooch

The British are well known to be a nation of dog lovers, this is why most dog owners will do almost anything for their beloved furry friends. This becomes quite evident when age starts to creep up on our four-pawed-pals and they start to need a little extra help getting around.

While it is not uncommon for you to see an owner use a set of folding dog stairs to help their pet get back into the car after a walk, there will come a time when these types of aids can be very useful around the home too!

Benefits of choosing dog stairs, UK

You could do an internet search for ‘dog ramp for sofa’, but is a ramp the best idea? Ramps can help to make climbing onto the sofa easier for your dog, but they can be very cumbersome and will take up a lot of valuable floor space.

Instead, it would make sense to choose a set of dog stairs. Poochshop offers a comprehensive range of practical yet stylish solutions to help keep your pooch mobile and independent for longer.

For example, where space is a premium, you could use a set of dog stairs for bed that actually doubles up as a very useful set of storage boxes! This is a much better use of space than using a dog ramp for bed time that would take up even more floor space.

Dog steps for small dogs

While we can see that using dog stairs for our ageing pups is a sensible idea, especially when they have developed arthritic joints, let’s not forget the everyday plight of our much smaller breeds of faithful companions!

Miniature and toy dog breeds are still as popular as ever, but regardless of their age, they will always face a struggle when it comes to climbing onto the sofa or bed. And let’s face it, it’s no joy to be woken up in the dead of night by the heartbreaking whining of our beloved pup as he tries, unsuccessfully, to climb onto our bed for a snuggle.

Choosing the right type of dog step is also important here. While it can make sense to choose a rigid, hard-wearing style of step for great stability and easy cleaning, such as the Pet Gear Easy Step III, for example, a better choice for the bedroom may be a more plush, soft and warm option, such as the PawHut Deluxe Pet Stairs, which is a soft padded covered set of three steps, suitable for dogs and cats.

All of our Poochshop dog stairs range offer a smart and practical solution to help assist your pup into high places no matter their size or age. From the cute, but vertically challenged toy dog, to the gentle giant with hip or other joint problems, we are sure to have the perfect solution to suit your needs!

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