Handmade dog collars

Walk into any dog store and chances are you’ll be overwhelmed with the sheer range of designer dog collars available. Just as is the case when picking out your own jewellery or shirts, the variety of colours, patterns and materials on offer makes choosing the right one a tough but equally enjoyable experience.
The beauty of going with handmade dog collars are that these tend to offer even more in the way of choice than your standard manufactured ones. Not only that but their handmade nature means each collar has seen specific care taken in its creation. Where you’ll find one collar can feel truly unique from another whether that’s down to personal requests from the purchaser or small differences that can naturally occur when building collars by hand. You truly feel like you are receiving a designer dog collar.
First things first, make sure you’ve measured the size of your dog’s neck so you’re sure to pick up the best and most comfortable collar for them. The easiest way to do this is by using a flexible measuring tape. If you don’t have one of these, then a piece of string and ruler or rigid measuring tape will do. You’ll ideally want a collar size that allows you to place two fingers between your dog’s neck and the collar. Too tight and you risk choking them while too loose and it is likely to slip off.
As is the case with dog bowls or beds, collars too come in many different materials each with good and bad points to them. Nylon collars for example are most widespread largely due to being rather inexpensive and offering a wide range of colours and patterns, but it’s worth baring in mind, they are also less durable than other materials, tougher to clean effectively and some dogs can even have allergic reactions to them. Waterproof materials like neoprene while bulkier are great especially for the outdoor use and dogs who love a good swim.
Leather as a material is sleek and stylish whether it’s a jacket or belt so when used for fancy dog collars, it can really give them an elegant and classic look. While a little more expensive then say a nylon collar, they have more benefits beside looking great including being easy to clean, very durable and even a good option for dogs with skin sensitivities.
Then of course, you have buckles to consider. Metal buckles are stronger and generally more secure while plastic proves easier to put collars on. It comes down to personal preference and what buckle you think suits the style you’re going for.
You’ll even find dog collars perfect for those late-night walks out with your pooch. Reflective materials can help make your dog more visible to other pedestrians and more importantly car drivers. If you want to take safety a step further, then you can even choose collars that have flashing lights on.
Dog collars are a great way of giving your pet something personalised and with such a wide range of handmade dog collars out there, you’ll even be able to pick something that goes with their personality or even yours.

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