Memory Foam Offcuts

Is the dog bed to the side of your room looking a little worse for wear? While you could very easily purchase a brand new one online, have you ever considered going the extra mile and making one of your very own? Not only is it a great way of saving some extra money, but it also allows you to incorporate your own flair and ideas into the design. Not to mention you dog will of course appreciate your hard work.
Some of you may have memory foam inside your pillows or mattresses so likely already know of its benefits and comforts. And while the mention of memory foam may have you worried about price, believe it or not, it’s actually not as expensive as you may think. You’re able to buy memory foam offcuts from a lot of retailers out there (as well as sellers on eBay) perfect for use in your homemade dog bed. While you can always go for large pieces of foam and cut them down yourself, some places will even do that for you. So, if you have the measurements you’ll need already to hand, let the retailer know and they’ll take care of the rest.
So why would you opt for a bed with a memory foam bottom? The material is perfect for older dogs or those that may suffer from joint aches and pains or arthritis. Not only should they get a better night’s sleep, but be able to get in and out of the bed easier. It’s also a good option for dogs that prefer a firmer surface – just like humans, dogs have their own preferences too when it comes to beds.
Any access memory foam can be used to pad out the sides or walls of the dog bed (depending on how ambitious you’ve been with your design). You can even take some of those smaller memory foam offcuts or even buy some shredded foam to create a nice comfy pillow for your dog too. The pillow will offer something comfy for your dog to rest his or her head on nicely.
A great thing about building your own dog bed is that you can even repurpose your old furniture you no longer need into the design. Take the legs of older wooden chair, or perhaps even a chest of drawers (minus the drawers of course), give them a sand, a lick of paint and working build your dog a stylistic sleeping quarter. Cushions too can add a little extra pampering to the bed too. Why stop at furniture? Have some old t-shirts or a blanket? Why not use them as a soft and comfy outer sleeve for the bed or use their patterns to add a little visual flair.
So, if you’re feeling particularly creative or just want to try something new when it comes to arts and crafts, why not build your dog his or her very own unique, one-of-a-kind bed using memory foam offcuts. Not only will they feel great with their custom-made design suited to their needs, but so too will you with your achievement.