XXXL Dog Bed

Great Danes, Irish Wolfhounds and Newfoundlands are just a few of the large dog breeds that our XXL dog beds and our XXXL dog beds UK cater for. Designed for comfort and practicality you can be assured that our giant dog beds UK are perfect for your favourite friend. So, treat your Great Dane to a Great Dane dog bed. There is no question that sharing your settee with your extra-large dogs provides you with a perfect comfort blanket, keeping you feeling warm and safe, but they also need their own space to snuggle or stretch. As such our XXXL dog beds UK are available in two main types. Firstly, the pillow or mattress XXXL dog bed design and XXL dog beds are perfect for the dogs that like to sprawl and stretch. Secondly, the walled XXXL dog beds are specifically designed giant dog beds for those that like to curl up and snuggle.

Is your extra large dog as fussy as you regarding the comfort of a bed? Do you want your settee back? Our XXXL dog beds UK are made with comfort and creativity at the forefront of their development. They are sturdy, but still soft, snug and comfortable, can be raised to keep your extra large dog free from draughts, have washable covers to maintain cleanliness and prevent those endearing doggy smells. Should your dog be a chewer then we also offer extra large plastic dog beds which you can complete with one of our wide range of dog blanket.

So should you desire a comfortable extra large dog bed where your dog is safe to snooze, nap, sleep and feel safe, that is also well designed to allow nesting, digging and spinning in, then one of our XXXL dog beds UK will offer you the perfect XXXL dog bed for your dog’s needs.

It is not just large dogs that benefit from our XXL dog beds and our XXXL dog beds. You might have two or more smaller dogs that like to snuggle up together. If this is the case, instead of buying them each a bed let them share the warmth and comfort of each other in one of our extra large dog beds UK.

Whichever XXXL dog bed you choose you can be assured that we have a design, that is not only a perfect XXXL dog bed for your dog, but one that will fit into your home, complementing your décor and furniture. They are also compliant with the Furniture and Furnishings Fire and Safety 1988 Regulations, where applicable, to keep you and your dog safe.

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